We established in 1992, has now emerged as a leading printer with extensive expansion of the printing infrastructure in recent years. With a constant quest to further expand our printing potential. We now specializes in high quality offset printing catering to the luxury segment as well as mass producing cheap yet enduring products.

We have built a solid reputation and reliable name for quality work and excellent customer service in the printing industry in India. As a world-class printing press we caters to its customers as a one-stop facility offering end-to-end offset printing solutions in Prepress, Printing, Finishing and Binding. It earned its status as a preferred and reliable leading printing press in India thanks to its comprehensive array of top-line printing services and rich expertise. It is home to the latest printing machines powered by technology, the press has become synonymous with quality that is second to none. With a workforce of over 50 employees, our press is impressive and operates with world class . We the family is highly competitive, competent and professional. The resources and technology available on our shop floor enables us to provide time-saving, cost-effective and quality work as per every client's requirements. Each day each one of us works tirelessly to ensure that each order executed is a work of art.

All employees will be treated with respect and dignity, recognition being given to the value of each individual's contribution and achievement. Employees will also treat each other with concern and dignity, lending each other a helping hand whenever they can.


Customer satisfaction and employee empowerment in tandem with innovation and excellence are the key factors propelling we forward. To work together with our customers to help them achieve their goals. Our success lies in your success.


Honesty, integrity, dedication and commitment will always be our priority and trademark. Dignity and respect to all will be our guiding principles in every dealing with customers and suppliers.

Please visit our Parent company : www.karthikoffsetprinters.com